The Food Situation

      Planning what to do with the "food situation" can also be confusing.  Take into consideration, these questions:  How many guests are coming?  Where are we going to be at?  Are any of them allergic to anything?  Can I dance good with heels on? -  Well, maybe that last one isn't going to help you with the food, but the first three will!

                                      Penis Shaped Snack Tray


Combined Effort -  The EASIEST thing to do, however big the group, is to have the girls all bring something!  Does Sharon make excellent cookies and desserts?  Have her take carer of that.  Does Marion make awesome cheesy potatoes and taco dip?  Have her take care of that.  With every girl bringing SOMETHING, you are sure to have more than enough.  Even if you don't stick anyone with the "main course", You can always pick something up from somewhere or do it yourself.  Maybe you want to cook a turkey, or chicken, or lasagna.  Whatever it may be, you'll have everything else being taken care of, and you won't have to worry about it. 

Easy Livin' -  If it's a smaller number of girls, you can always go with finger foods, like chocolate dipped strawberries, cubed cheeses, finger sandwiches, miniature quiches, and other things that are light and easy to eat.  Very nice.  No one gets bloated or tired, and saves a bit of room for some of those delicious alcoholic drinks!

Adult Buffet -  Do you want to shake things up a little bit and get some edible visual jokes that will send the ENTIRE party into hysterics.  By "edible visual jokes, of course, I mean PENIS FOODS!!!  THIS is the section at the grocery store that they keep hidden from the public.  THIS is where the FUN stuff is!

                                          MackAweenie & Cheese


        Mix these fun dishes in with some normal food.  This way, the people that have no sense of humor will still be able to eat something.  Those poor, poor women.  Missing so much in life.  (sniffle sniffle)  Well, the LEAST you can do is try to get some uncomfortable smiles from them, by introducing them to some of the craziest Bachelorette Party foods you can buy!

        Well, to start off, I'd like to nominate MackAweenie & Cheese as the #1 perfect side dish to go with ANY DINNER!  Macaroni and Cheese is already a wonderful, wonderful food that EVERYBODY seems to like.  Now, take those cute little macaroni noodles and shape them into penises and balls, and BAM!  NOW you've got yourself a TREAT!

        For snacks, you can use the Penis Shaped Snack Tray and fill it with tasty munchies for the guests, OR you could go with Penis Popsicles, Penis Pops, Gummy Penis Candy, and Succulent Hard Willies.  To check out more, just click on these words:  PENIS SHAPED CANDIES AND SNACKS.

                                        Succulent Hard Willies       

        For dessert?  How about a nice big slice of Erotic Penis Cake?  A little too much?  Then maybe just some Penis Cupcakes?  Or would you rather make a batch of fresh Penis Cookies?  The ladies will love bite after bite, as long as they can keep themselves form laughing so hard that cake shoots out their noses!  It's happened to me, I'm not lying.  Serious stuff here.
        Bonus Tip:  Penis Cake Pans can be used to make stylish Penis Ice Sculptures for decoration at the party!  Oh yeah!

Chocolate Fountain -  Chocolate fountains are a Bachelorette Party's dream come true!  Imagine the girls standing around the fountain in a circle, drooling with anticipation.  On girl is actually crying because it's so beautiful!  Chocolate fountains are cool because you can stick whatever you can possibly want into the chocolate, and it will be COVERED IN CHOCOLATE!!! EEEEEE!!! 
        There should be a lot of different goodies put out near the fountain to be dipped.  Don't forget to include things that you may not particularly like.  This way, there's less women eating up on the stuff you DO like!  Ha!  Try fruits, cookies, pretzels, and confections.  Since it's a Bachelorette Party, you should make sure you have bananas (uncut) for the girls to joke about.... Mmmm...

Pizza -  Yes, putting "Pizza" after "Chocolate Fountain" IS a bit strange and out of order, but I think it just keeps life interesting.  Don't You agree?  Anyhow, The pizza party is and easy alternative to having to make or worry about it.  Depending, obviously, on the size of your party, try getting pizzas with different toppings.  Always get one pizza that only has cheese on it.  There's usually that ONE person that just don't eat toppings.  Strange, I know. 
        To go along with pizza, you can have a few girls bring in a few sides.  Maybe like a big salad, and then a couple good dishes, like potato salad or whatever.  These sides will round out the meal.  Bam.  There you go.

Catering -  Catering should only be considered if your Bachelorette just happens to be close girlfriends with EVERY girl she knows.  You really don't need to waste the money on this kind of food on a Bachelorette Party.  I'll give you a quick lesson in money management.  For a Bachelorette Party, 5% of the funds should go to food.  15% on toys and fun stuff to play with, 10% on presents to the bride-to-be, and 70% on DRINKS!  That's just MY own PERSONAL idea of how it should work, but hey, I'm a drinker! 
        Yeah, so BACK to catering.  If you DO want to take this route, and there is NOT more than 20 girls in the party, have one of the Bridesmaids SMACK YOU UPSIDE THE HEAD!

Eat Out -  And if you want to skip all of THAT bullcrap,....just pick a restaurant and EAT OUT!  This way none of you have to worry about making ANYTHING!  No worries!  Problem SOLVED!  Everyone can eat whatever the heck their picky little hearts desire! 
        Pick a place depending on budget and Bachelorette-say-so, and go out to eat with the girls!  Have a great time giggling and before going out and having the wildest night ever!  This moment gives all of the girls a chance to get to know each other a little better, or to reconnect and catch up with lost time.  This way, when you get to the bar or party, all you've gotta do is PARTY!! 

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